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Since 2020

We are committed to providing quality services

Our History

We are continueing to grow and expand our dog walking service in the Howard County and Hamilton County area.
We treat every customer like our family, and go out of our way to provide standard and consistent service. Our dog removal waste service is 100% guaranteed. If a customer is not happy with the service they were offered, we simply ask for a chance to make it right. In most cases, we can fix any error within the same day.

Our commitment
· We are committed to providing quality services. If you are ever unhappy with our dog waste removal services, please give us a chance to make it perfect and in most cases, we can right any error within the same day.
· Our dog waste removal services are provided year round.
· Every poop scooper is fully trained, and has passed a background check.
· All poop scoopers clean their tools and shoes after each yard, so there is no spread of any potential dog diseases. We give you free cross-contamination service.
· Poop scoopers will clean up your dog runs and yards.
· At your request, we can give you mixed locks to ensure safety of your yard at no extra cost.
We care
Tidy Turd Turf dog waste removal service takes the dog waste to a sewage treatment facility rather than leaving it in your waste. Many municipalities have by-laws prohibiting the disposal of pet waste in the garbage, as it can be an environmental issue. Our dog waste disposal system is both eco-friendly and lawful.
Methods of payment

Payment can be made by online banking, credit card, telephone banking, e-transfer, money order or check. You must add your account number with your payment.

Call us today!

At Tidy Turd Turf technician will come to your home, pick up your yard and take the garbage waste from your home. Further, to ensure hygienic situations, after each pick-up, we clean our equipment. Our team leaders are extremely mindful of clean equipment. We hope you will pick Tidy Turd Turf for poop removal service. Let us do the cleaning up. We make it very easy to get a quote and start service with us.


Times of Operation
Mon 9 AM -5 PM
Tues 9 AM -5 PM
Wed 9 AM -5 PM
Thu 9 AM -5 PM
Fri 9 AM -5 PM
Sat 9 AM -5 PM
Sun Closed

How it works

1. Call and schedule a weekly apt.
2. Pick it up
3. Haul it away
4. Enjoy your poop free yard


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SERVICE AREA : Howard County, Hamilton County