Dog waste collection

Tidy Turd Turf

We are a dog waste company and we are dedicated to providing exceptional service. We believe a clean and safe yard is a start to a happy fun time in the yard with your family and dogs.

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About Us

About Tidy Turd Turf

Dog waste can be very dangerous at time more to the nose or your foot and no one wants to step in that. But also for your dog you dont want it eating its poop nor do you them stepping in it and tracking back into the house.

Our team speacializes in the pure happiness of customer service. Your satisfaction with our service makes our service grow. We are family oriented. We believe nothing more important than family. And have time to spend with your family so let us clean your yard while your enjoying your family time.

Most people do not like washing dishes folding laundry and dog waste is right at the top the list with those so why do it if you dont have to call tidy turd turf for your waste removal


What We Do

Dog poop scooping services

we provide waste removal service weekly,every other week, and
special occiasion

Commercial scooping services

pet waste service for parks,apartments condominimum

Yard odor eliminator

 will eliminate urine and pet stool odor deep in the yard

deck /patio/kennel

spray to get rid of pet odor and stains with hose (supplied by customer)


Times of Operation
Mon 9 AM -5 PM
Tues 9 AM -5 PM
Wed 9 AM -5 PM
Thu 9 AM -5 PM
Fri 9 AM -5 PM
Sat 9 AM -5 PM
Sun Closed

How it works

1. Call and schedule a weekly apt.
2. Pick it up
3. Haul it away
4. Enjoy your poop free yard


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SERVICE AREA : Howard County, Hamilton County